Holy Rosary Deluxe Version App Reviews

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It should have the abilty to read it to you. I believe it should have the Fatima Prayer...maybe I am wrong. Would alps be nice if it had some meditative music to block out external noise. Hopefully an update is coming shortly.

Love it =)

I now pray the rosary every night. Thanks to this app. Ps. Reg a previous comment.. The Fatima prayer IS included

Outstanding App!

With the latest revision this app has become my rosary of choice on the iPhone. It looks gorgeous, offers a full screen mode, optionally vibrates after each decade (so you arent distracted as much, but still know where you are), among others. Thank you for this app, may God bless you for it!

Great but music wasnt

The only thing that I would change is the background music. I ended up turning it off and listened to Gregorian chants instead, which seemed more appropriate than the versions of the two songs that are included.

Where is the French language

I´ll put a 5 star if it was with everything with French language. I am desappointed

Great APP

Ok, this is a great app, I love it and will use it every day. I am so glad you made this and it is so easy to follow. The only things I would change, are as follows 1. Put the Fatima Prayer at the end of each decade as well, I feel it needs it 2. Please make the Bible Verses that you use for each Mystery come from the NAM or RSVCE as it takes away fromt the flow to read it the way it is now (or give us the option to swap) Other than that, I love this app!

One star for now

This app has a lot of potentials but it needs a few important steps. This app should have 4 sections as oppose to 2. This app currently has two sections/options a.k.a style. There needs to be at least 2 more styles (as they call it). Also, I think there should different designs and colors of beads to chose. The third style should be with the beads (with many different kinds of beads to choose from) and the ability for the individual to type in and save his own prayers under that category. I am sure someone may like a particular prayer thats not on the list of prayers, I know I have a few. The fourth should have just the beads (with the many different options to choose from). That would be great for meditation. In that style, they would probably need to make the beads bigger becayse people would need to close their eyes as they meditate. Theyve already done a fantastic job with the vibration every 10th bead and theyve shown they are pretty good with the designs. The only reason I am giving this app one star and not higher is because these changes are what I expected before the purchase and I am sure others expected the same. Once these are done, Id be glad to change my ratings to give it a 5.

Great app

Beautiful, helpful. I especially like the language selections. Suggestions Background music to block out other sounds or ability to play own music while using app Ability to put own selection of pictures My fave app. I use it every day

Great app

I usually dont purchase apps. I go for the free ones. But this app is far less than the price youd pay for a regular rosary. It does exactly what it says it does and it does it well. I would recommend to anyone.

Good, but...

Love the setup and provision for multiple languages. Would be great if other prayers could be added (ie. Chaplet of Divine Mercy).

Excellent Application

I like the interface of this application. The beads are large enough to touch and move easily with your finger. You have choices for the type of bead and whether it moves up or down as you pray. Having the portion of Scripture that matches the Mystery you are saying at the beginning of the decade is wonderful! And the small picture gives a visual reminder of the Mystery you are meditating on. Thank you for a great application!


I love being able to say the rosary and pick up where I left off I work in a busy hospital. I just. Love this

Money well spent!!!

I am a young guy who had never prayed the rosary alone and with this app I was able to do the whole thing from the begining to the end on my own. It shows you step by step for each day. I changed it to spanish and it worked perfectly as well. Thank you very much for this app!!!

Praying in Seattle

Best Rosary app I have found. Great for those of us that never did this alone before. Yes, you can pray the whole thing without a Preist or your Grandma! I love this app!


Great App in all aspects, especially the ability to customize the text associated with each Mystery. Has given me the ability to say the Rosary according to the way of St. Louis De Montfort. Keep up the great work.


This app is perfection. All the usual prayers are included, including the litany of loretto, Fatima prayer, and memorare. The design is fabulous and practical. Its perfect. Thank you!

I Love this app!!!!!!

The last reviewer said everything. More options could be cool but this is great as it is!

Love it

Upgrade to audio would be nicer....


Very good application! Easy to use. Two different styles of use. Includes scripture passages associated with each mystery. Very useful. Highly recommended.

Ok, but needs improvement

Doesnt have audio of someone praying the rosary. Would be nice if you could change the music in the background and advance the beads by just touching the screen or shaking the phone. Some more scriptures for the mysteries would be nice too.

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